Get the Dutch

Get the Dutch –  understanding the Dutch culture and mentality

Do you like to understand the Dutch and their culture better? Do you like to connect more with the Dutch?  Or do you occasionally bump into differences in cultures and do you like to feel more at home in The Netherlands?


This workshop gives you extensive knowledge about Dutch culture, mentality and manners. Awareness and understanding the differences and similarities between your own culture and the Dutch will make it easier to connect and to feel more at home in Dutch society. Get how the Dutch hospitality works, get an insight into Dutch mentality, see life through the Dutch cultural lens. Also, you will get practical tips & tools to overcome cultural differences while staying true to your identity and how to embrace your life in the Netherlands. This workshop will make you more resilient for your Dutch adventure.

“And when you understand more, you will feel more at home.”

Upcoming dates 2017:

  • May 13, 10:00-12:30  registration is closed
  • October

Location: Marshalllaan 2, 2625 GZ Delft. Easily accessible by car and public transportation (tram 1, bus 62); free parking

Investment: 49 euro

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