Get to know the DUTCH, get your new life UP and running… live your life!

Whether you call yourself newcomer, expat, international, refugee or migrant. Whether you came to The Netherlands for work, love, safety, family or studies. One thing is certain: you get to face your new Dutch life. And like every adventure, it can be exciting and joyful, but also challenging at times. Is it the way the Dutch celebrate birthdays? Is it their directness? Or finding new friends or a job?

It takes time to find out how things work in The Netherlands. Not only from a practical point of view, but little cultural things, Dutch mentality and etiquette can be challenging. We want to save you the time and energy to figure it all out on your own. Our workshops help you to adjust, thrive and feel at home in The Netherlands more quickly. And if you like to practice your Dutch in a natural and informal setting, our conversation club Dare to Dutch is just the place. Oh, and a nice extra.. you meet fellow internationals on the way!

So, Dutch up your life! and make yourself at home.